Neuromuscular Healing

Neuromuscular Healing

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How many treatments will I need to feel better? 
Most patients begin to see results and are feeling some degree of relief after only 1-3 visits.
Of course every case is different and the more chronic and/or severe the condition is will determine the length of treatment.

How do I know if my condition will take more sessions?
The factors which determine how soon you will notice lasting results depend on several things.
- How long the condition has been present before starting therapy
- The general state of your overall health, hydration and age
- Do you regularly get adequate sleep and proper nutrition
- Do you exercise too intensely or not enough
- The frequency of sessions, especially at the beginning of treatment
- Your participation in the process

Is this type of treatment painful?

​You may experience some discomfort when pressure is applied to hyper-irritated points in muscles, however the purpose of the therapy is to calm the nervous system and release muscular tissue, not to stress your system with heavy pressure on already irritated areas.   Good communication is key and if you are uncomfortable at anytime please say so. 

How will I feel after my treatment?
It is common for patients to experience some soreness for one to two days after treatment. This usually resolves after the first few treatments. You may experience fatigue as the chronically held musculature is allowed to relax and return to a normal tone, however some patients have reported an increase in energy. As the work-load of the musculature shifts and returns to a normal balance, pain patterns may change. This is a temporary and normal stage of recovery from chronic pain. It is not uncommon for people to experience relief from symptoms they were not seeking treatment. Stress reduction, pacing your activities and avoidance of overexertion are very important.  Feedback, patience and a positive attitude are also essential.

How frequently do I need to schedule my treatments to get the most results?
To effectively treat soft tissue conditions, scheduling one session weekly for the first three to four weeks is optimal.  Then, depending on your progress and goals, sessions usually move to a more maintenance level.

What is maintenance?
Most people choose to return for a minimum of four to twelve sessions per year to keep their tissues healthy and to prevent injuries as well as pain and dysfunction from returning.

Do you use instrument assisted tools? 
No, this is a hands-on therapy which allows us to assess how the body is responding and prevents damage to the tissues. 

Can I still receive therapy if I am not in pain?
Definitely. In fact, it is best to receive therapy on a regularly scheduled basis so you can keep your muscles healthy and joints functioning properly in order to avoid injury or problems developing in the future.

What are your fees? 

Fees are based on the length of session you have reserved.

Do you take any type of insurance?
We do not file any insurance, however will be glad to provide you with a coded receipt upon request.

Do you work with other healthcare providers?
Yes, in many cases a combination of therapies will accelerate the healing process.

What if I need to cancel a session?

If you are just beginning therapy, it is important to do your best to keep your appointments for maximum results. 

​If you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please give 24 hours notice so your time can be offered to someone else.